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Swagger How to


We recommend all users begin exploring the API through Swagger first. Get started by browsing to

Creating your first JWT

After you've signed up and generated your API Secret expand the Auth section in Swagger. Enter your API token and API secret as seen below and click the "Execute" button. The text that appears in the "response body" section is your JWT. Copy all of this text and proceed to the next step.

alt text

Add your JWT to Swagger

Now scroll up and click the "Authorize" button. This will open a modal window. Paste your JWT into the text box within the modal window and click the "Authorize" button. This will automatically set the Authorization header for requests you make through Swagger until you close or refresh the page.

alt text

Make your request

Scroll down to an endpoint such as Models and click the "Execute" button. You should now see results. If you have an active subscription, the results will not be hidden.

alt text