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Rate Limiting


CarAPI endpoints are rate limited per minute, per day and per authentication request.

Per Day Limits

Requests over your daily limit will result in an HTTP 429 error. For per day limits, please refer to your plan on the pricing page:

Per Minute Limits

For per-minute requests, the rate limit is 600 requests per minute. Any requests made beyond this will result in an HTTP 429 error.

Authentication Limits

Requests to api/auth/login have a unique rate limit to encourage users to cache their JWTs. Please refer to our API documentation for rate limits. It is highly advised that you cache your JWTs. Caching in memory, Redis, or to the file system depending on your language are all reasonable ways to cache your JWT and improve the performance of your CarAPI integration. Like other limits, your application will encounter an HTTP 429 code once this limit is exceeded. For more information please read our section on Authentication or contact support.