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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to the full dataset?

    Create an account and subscribe to a plan. On your user dashboard click Purchase Full Access. You will be billed yearly through Stripe Checkout (request overage fees may apply depending on your subscription plan). You may cancel at anytime.

  • Does your API provide data for antique vehicles (older than 1990)?

    Yes, access to older vehicles from 1940 through 1989 can be purchased as a $50.00 yearly addon. Please note, this addon only includes year, make, model and trims (no additional specifications). After selecting a subscription plan you will have the option to purchase the Antique Addon in your dashboard.

  • What countries is vehicle data available for?

    The API returns vehicle data for cars sold in the United States since 1990.

  • Does CarAPI have rate limits?

    Yes. Each subscription plan has both per day and per minute rate limits. Each subscription defaults to a per day hard limit which means requests over the amount allowed by your plan in a day will result in an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response. You can opt into a soft limit and be charged for each additional request to avoid the hard limit. Requests to certain endpoints like /api/years and /api/makes are not metered and will not count against your plans daily request total. Check each plan for details.

  • Can I cache data?

    Yes, absolutely. We advise you to cache data as you request it from CarAPI. If you'd like to do a full cache, but are worried about hitting rate limits then please contact support.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    On the dashboard click Cancel subscription. Your account will remain active until the subscription period ends. You can also manage your subscription through our Stripe Customer Portal which will appear after you've subscribed.

  • How do I generate a secret?

    In the navigation click Profile, then API Secret. Remember to store this safely and securely. We will not be able to recover your secret for you, but you can always generate a new secret.

  • How do I follow updates to the API?

    Watch our Github repository at When you become a watcher you can subscribe to specific events like releases. Our release notes contain any changes to the API. View our previous releases here:

  • Still have questions?

    Please contact us at anytime to answer additional questions.

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