Vehicle API FAQ

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Where do I find an API for all car make and models?

Read the full documentation here. You can also request this data separately through the year, make and model specific endpoints for your car API query.

How do I scrape the car database api?

Scraping is not necessary with CarAPIs vehicle information API. Simply make HTTP GET requests to our endpoints. You can request the JSON data real-time or store it in your database in any format. It's up to you.

Is CarAPI a replacement for the Edmunds developer API?

Edmunds closed the doors on their vehicle API in 2018. CarAPI is not affiliated with Edmunds, but we are an excellent alternative to the Edmunds Developer API.

How do I get car information from a vin number via the API?

CarAPI now has a VIN API. You may also be interested in

How do I pull data from the NHSTA vehicle API?

CarAPI is not associated with NHSTA, but you can use our API to pull similar vehicle information.

How do I integrated your Car API into HTML?

Vehicle data can be retrieved in JSON, JSON-LD, and HAL+JSON formats. How you render that in HTML is up to you. React, VueJS, and server-side templating engines in NodeJS, PHP, Java, C#, Python and others are all great options.

How do I access car data in my programming language?

Car API is a language agnostic RESTful API so any language like Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS, C#, and JavaScript will work. Just issue HTTP GET requests to CarAPI using an HTTP client library in your language of choice.

What is a Car API?

CarAPI is an Application Programming Interface (API), but some use the term web service.

How do I get car images?

CarAPI doesn't have a car image API yet, but we are working on it. Check back frequently or create an account for updates to the car query API.

What countries is vehicle data available for?

The API returns vehicle data for cars sold in the United States only.

How do I get a refund from CarAPI?

Refunds are assessed on a case-by-case basis. We encourage users to read the documentation and use the free dataset to determine if CarAPI is right for their needs before subscribing. If you've become a subscriber and would like to request a refund you may contact us here.

Does your API have a Terms of Use?

Yes, please review our Terms of Use and contact us if you have any additional questions.

Do your offer data feeds such as CSVs?

Yes we do. Check out our CSV datafeed product.

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